Logroño to Navarette

The view looking south from one of the windows at the refuge in Navarrette

The view looking south from one of the windows at the refuge in “Navarrette”

Route segment: 9

Wednesday 4th October 2000

The meal I had last night did not agree with me, it might have been sunstroke as yesterday was too hot a day for me. I have
lost the lot. Olga sympathises and I try yoghurt for breakfast. Maybe not the wisest choice. I should have read a book about dealing with an upset stomch on the Camino! They are not quite ready yet and I start off on my own. There is
a bar open and because this is a city they give me strange looks when I walk in.

After a coffee I continue and spot Carlos and Olga walking on the opposite side of the road. I follow them for a while but they are fast walkers and I am starting to have some sort of problem developing with my left leg. We walk past a natural lake “Pantano De La Grajera” which I take to be a reservoir.

A picture of
Looking back to one of the lakes at “Logroño”

It is developing into another really hot day and the sun cream I bought yesterday is going to prove necessary. After the lake
I quickly lose sight of the others and I am alone with my thoughts again.

Today’s journey is only 21Km and it does not take long to get to “Navarette“. I spot a bar and of course Olga and the others are sitting outside in the shade. This seems like a good place to stop to let the sun go down a bit. They decide to go on to “Nájera” but I am having problems with the leg and still annoyed with myself. It is only 14.00 and the refuge does not open until 15.00 so I havea few more coffees and a beer until then. The refuge here is very modern and the view out of the window is interesting:-

A picture of
The refuge in “Navarrette”

Eventually the French girls arrive and I feel more at home. Up till now the people arriving at the refuge have been strangers.
That evening the keeper of the refuge does a blessing for the pilgrims. I am not sure that she has the ecclesiastical authority to do this but it is a pleasant experience anyway. Part of the blessing is holding hands with the person either side of you and I hold hands with Margaux for 10 minutes or so, which is very nice indeed.

Part of the blessing is based on singing and the woman has a good voice. After the blessing everyone gives everyone else a big hug. I give Margaux and Ophelia a big hug each which is nice. The woman running the refuge will turn up again later in “Burgos” and seems to rather like giving people hugs.