Hospital Da Condesa to Calvor

Hospital Da Condesa to Calvor Restaurant

This bar was at the top of the nasty hill, just at the right spot !

Route segment: 21

Wednesday 25th October 2000

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The great view on the way to “Triacastella”

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The very strange tree on the outskirts of “Triacastella”

I didn’t like the look of the refuge at “Triacastela“. There was a strange atmosphere about it and I decided to walk on to
“Xan Zil” where my information said there was a refuge. Big mistake! The refuge was actually at “Calvor” just outside “Sarria”
and I had to walk another 15 KM to get there. I eventually arrived at 18:00 when it was dark and there were only two other pilgrims there, Consuella and Anna.

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The refuge at “Calvor”

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The kitchen in the refuge at “Calvor”

Somehow or other Consuella managed to conjure up a delicious meal in this kitchen from just a clove of garlic and a packet of rice! Honestly, that’s all that there was in the cupboard, left behind by some previous pilgrim. It still mystifies me to this day how she did it. Just one of the many mysteries that I uncovered on the Camanio De Santiago.

A picture of
The sleeping area in the refuge at “Calvor”