Arzua to Finisterre

Arzua to Finisterre Lighthouse
The lighthouse at “Finisterre”

Route segment: 26

Wednesday 1st November 2000

I have hired a nice car and redone the whole Camino by car taking more photographs on the way. It takes three days
to do and at the end I decide to go to “Finisterre“. The journey would normally take 5 or 6 days to walk and I do not
have enough time to do it. There are also no refuges on the way there and I would have to stay in hotels.

Finisterre itself is a promontory, which is the western-most part of Europe and the name comes, from “Finis terrae
the end of the earth. Before Columbus discovered the Americas, this was considered to literally be the “end of the world”.

The views here are extremely good and I took a series of panoramic shots.
A picture of
Looking north

A picture of
Looking west, next stop America !!

A picture of
Looking south

A picture of
Looking east to the Spanish mainland

After this I am in a much better state of mind to enter Santiago and after dropping off the hire car at the airport, I go back to “Arzua” where I stopped before and walk all the way to “Monte De Gozo“. There is supposed to be a refuge at
“Arca” but somehow I miss it or the sign to it.