Artist's impression of the lighthouse at Finisterre

Camino Francés: Arzua to Finisterre - Stage 25

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Camino Francés: Arzua to Finisterre - Stage 25

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Reading time: 6 minutes

Simon Kemp Camino de Santiago author

By: Simon Kemp, Editor

Artist's impression of the lighthouse at Finisterre

Navigating the Camino de Santiago often requires logistical planning, especially when time constraints or physical limitations don’t allow for completing the entire walk. If you find yourself in Arzua with the goal of reaching the coastal town of Finisterre, the ‘end of the world’ for many pilgrims, rest assured there are efficient ways to do so.

Two convenient options include taking a bus or hiring a taxi. While each has its own advantages and potential drawbacks, both modes of transport offer a comfortable and scenic journey through the heart of Galicia. This guide will walk you through the details of organizing either mode of travel for a smooth trip from Arzua to Finisterre.

Camino Francés Diary: Route segment: 25

Wednesday 1st November 2000

I have hired a nice car and redone the whole Camino Francés by car taking more photographs on the way. It takes three days to do and at the end I decide to go to Finisterre. The journey would normally take 5 or 6 days to walk and I do not have enough time to do it. There are also no refuges on the way there and I would have to stay in hotels.

Finisterre itself is a promontory, which is the western-most part of Europe and the name comes, from Finisterre the end of the earth. Before Columbus discovered the Americas, this was considered to literally be the “end of the world”.

After this I am in a much better state of mind to enter Santiago and after dropping off the hire car at the airport, I go back to Arzua where I stopped before and walk all the way to Monte De Gozo . There is supposed to be a refuge at Arca but somehow I miss it or the sign to it.

The lighthouse at Finisterre Arzua to Finisterre Camino Francés
Finisterre lighthouse
Looking north arzua to finisterre Camino Francés
Looking north at finisterre
Looking west, next stop America! Arzua to Finisterre Coastal View Camino Francés
Looking west Arzua to Finisterre Coastal View
Looking south from Finisterre lighthouse, Arzua to finisterre, Camino Francés
Looking south from Finisterre lighthouse
Looking east to the Spanish mainland, Arzua to Finisterre Sea View With Clouds, Camino Francés
Looking east Arzua to Finisterre Sea View

How to Take a Bus from Arzua to Finisterre

The Camino de Santiago, also known as the Way of Saint James, is one of the most iconic pilgrimages globally. However, not everyone has the time or the physical ability to complete the entire walk. If you’re in Arzua and want to make your way to the coast of Finisterre, taking a bus can be an efficient and affordable option. Here’s how you can do it.

Booking Your Bus

In Arzua, bus services to Finisterre are not direct and will require at least one transfer, typically in Santiago de Compostela. The first step in your journey will be getting from Arzua to Santiago.

Monbus is the primary bus service operating in this area. You can check their schedules and book your ticket from Arzua to Santiago de Compostela on their website. Be sure to book in advance, especially during peak Camino season.

Upon reaching Santiago de Compostela, you will need to change buses for the second leg of your journey to Finisterre. Companies like Monbus or FlixBus operate on this route. Again, it’s advisable to check the schedule and book your tickets in advance.

The Journey

The bus ride from Arzua to Santiago de Compostela takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on traffic. This route provides picturesque views of Galician countryside, so try to grab a window seat if possible.

In Santiago, depending on your schedules, you might have some time to explore the city, visit the Cathedral or enjoy a meal before catching your next bus.

The bus journey from Santiago de Compostela to Finisterre takes approximately 3 hours. This route takes you through rural Galicia, past forests and farms, until finally, you reach the coast. The bus will drop you off in Finisterre town center, a short walk from the iconic lighthouse and the ‘end of the world’.

Practical Tips

  • Always check the bus schedules as they may change, especially due to public holidays or off-season timings.
  • Book your tickets in advance to secure your spot and avoid any last-minute inconvenience.
  • Be at the bus stop at least 15 minutes before departure as the buses adhere strictly to their schedules.
  • Keep your ticket safe throughout the journey as it might be checked at any point.
  • Make sure to note the location of your bus stop in Finisterre for your return journey, if applicable.

Travelling by bus from Arzua to Finisterre can be a convenient alternative to walking, allowing you to rest and still enjoy the stunning landscapes of Galicia. Happy travels!

Taking a Taxi from Arzua to Finisterre

Should you prefer a more direct, albeit more costly mode of transportation, a taxi could be a suitable option for your journey from Arzua to Finisterre. Taxis offer the convenience of picking you up directly from your current location and dropping you off at your exact destination in Finisterre, with no transfers or waiting times.

Booking Your Taxi

To book a taxi in Arzua, you could ask your accommodation host to help you or use a taxi booking app. There are also local taxi companies like Radio Taxi Arzua which you can contact directly to arrange a pickup.

Before confirming your taxi, be sure to inquire about the cost of the journey. A taxi from Arzua to Finisterre will be significantly more expensive than a bus ride due to the distance involved, approximately 90 km. Prices can vary, so it’s essential to confirm the fare beforehand to avoid surprises.

The Journey

Once you’ve confirmed and booked your taxi, you can expect a direct journey from Arzua to Finisterre. The journey typically takes around 1 hour and 30 minutes, depending on the traffic and the route the driver takes.

A taxi ride provides you with more privacy and comfort than a bus. It also gives you the flexibility to stop along the way if you wish to capture some photos, have a meal, or simply stretch your legs.

Practical Tips

  • Agree on the fare before the journey begins to avoid any misunderstandings later.
  • Make sure to give the driver clear instructions about your destination.
  • If you plan on making stops along the way, communicate this with your driver at the start of the journey.
  • Always keep the taxi driver’s contact information in case you leave something behind.

In conclusion, while taking a taxi from Arzua to Finisterre is more expensive than a bus ride, it provides more comfort, flexibility, and saves time. Remember to plan ahead and communicate clearly with your driver for a smooth and pleasant journey. Safe travels!