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About Us

Welcome to this website for the Camino Frances and other routes of the Camino Santiago de Compostela Pilgrimage. Parts of this website was created by our founder, Caroline Moira Mathieson. This site is now under new ownership and is operated by Jemms (UK) Ltd . If you are interested in the Via De La Plata route instead then please visit Caroline’s website for this route.

Caroline walked all or part of the Camino Frances every year since 2000. She has walked it in all seasons, the earliest being the beginning of February 2000 and the latest being the beginning of November 2005. Of the Camino, Caroline said:

Of all the seasons, I think spring is best as the flowers are coming out, especially the poppies. The hottest and busiest month is August when Spanish people are often obliged to take their holidays.

Caroline founded this website because she found it very useful to review other peoples experiences on the Camino before she did her first walk. A few of these useful websites are listed below. The comments in the descriptions below are Caroline’s personal and subjective impressions of the websites. They reflect her own likes and dislikes and they should be treated accordingly when read.

We hope to continue that tradition and add more in-depth information about the Camino de Santiago. From routes, to histories, to diaries, even hiking gear and useful walking product reviews. We hope you enjoy what we have to offer!

You can find our current Editor’s profile here: Simon Kemp, Editor

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Site NameComment
The Millenium PilgrimAustin Redpath’s Account of his Camino.
Peter RobinsAn excellent article about blisters, the “bane” of most camino walkers. The rest of the site is also worth visiting.
The Confraternity Of St James - Winter PilgrimAn article by Alison Raju about walking the camino in autumn or winter. This one convinced me it was walk able in October.